Painted Buntings Return

Painted Bunting 3Its spring and time that the Painted Bunting migrates back to their summer breeding grounds in Arkansas from southern Mexico and Central America.  Birds in the Arkansas region ( south-central U.S. breeding population ) use farms, strips of woodland between overgrown fields, brushy roadsides or stream sides, and patches of grasses, weeds, and wildflowers. During the breeding season they catch grasshoppers, weevils and other beetles, caterpillars, bugs, spiders, snails, wasps, and flies.  Painted Buntings eat seeds, particularly after the breeding season is over, starting in midsummer. Bird feeders in a over grown yards with low and dense vegetation are the best to attract them.

They are very popular as a subject for photography and many great pictures can be found on the internet.  This one is by Howard Cheek.


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