Under All Is The Land

??????????????????????????????????????????????? When one talks about the home it must begin with the land. It comes first and when the home reaches the end of it’s useful life you are still left with the land.

There are many myths in religions and ancient peoples of the earth that tell a story about the creation of the world with many talking about how the land is separated from the oceans and the air. For many the Earth itself has often been represented as a deity, in particular a goddess or a fertility deity.

To the Aztecs the world was built on the back of the sea monster Cipactli killed by the gods and now the earth is called Tonantzin—”our mother”. For the Cherokee Dayuni’si is the Water Beetle who dove deep and brought up mud that spread quickly, turning it into the land. And in the first book of the bible God created the land on the second day after a day of creating the universe, light, and water.

Since the beginning of man we have eaten from the lands bounty, farmed it, mined it, fought over it, polluted it, covered it over, been buried in it, and built in and on it our homes.

Our governments regulate our use of it, tax it, and at times even take it away from us.

We write songs about it, pray over it, brag about it and politicians make speeches about it.

Land is bought, sold, inherited, loaned, leased, stolen and even given away.

There are many quotes and sayings about the land but my 3 favorites are:

Buy land. They ain’t making any more of the stuff — By Will Rogers

Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it. — Genesis 2:15

Under All Is The Land — These 5 words are first found in a early version of the Preamble to the Realtor Code of Ethics. And today for most of us in America it’s words still ring true .. Under all is the land. Upon its wise utilization and widely allocated ownership depend the survival and growth of free institutions and of our civilization. A history of this can be found at http://goo.gl/aKqBgU.

So it looks like land means a lot to us so I will just have to keep talking about it in the future.

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