Find A Rainbow Day

Arkansas RainbowApril 3rd is Find a Rainbow Day and appropriately it is during the time of spring showers.

Rainbows appear almost by magic but in reality they are a dance between sunlight and water. Finding one can be a challenge but all it takes is a bit of rain with the sun behind you and the chance of seeing a rainbow is huge. Sunlight passes through the raindrops which act as a prism and separates the colors that make up light. Resulting in a beautiful and colorful arch.

To many Native American Indians and other cultures, the rainbow is a bridge that links the earth to the heavens.  To some a rainbow is the path souls travel or even a communication from the gods.

In the Bible, Genesis 9:12 thru 14 the rainbow was given as a sign after the flood that God would not destroy the earth with a flood again, a sign of hope and a promise.

Finding a rainbow is not as easy as it sounds and if you are lucky enough see one make sure you take a picture ..  it will probably be one of your favorites.

Can’t find one then how about making one? The simplest way to make a rainbow is to spray water into the air. Remember, the sun must be to your back. Another simple rainbow-maker is a glass prism. If you don’t have a prism, do you have mirrors or glass with beveled edges?

If you like to cook then to help celebrate the day you could make some colorful foods; treats such as layered jello and rainbow cookies

I really like the photo because it brings back many good memories of when I was surveying the boundary for the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area.  Photo is by Tim Ernst at Whitaker Point, Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area

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