Children And Music Help Make A Home

Buffalo 2What makes a home .. many things. But for sure music, the arts and children are an important part.  The Buffalo River Theater located In Jasper Arkansas is one of those places that helps a community be a home for all.

The theater is a central gathering place for all ages to come together to enjoy the performing arts. One of the theaters main goals is to help children have access to the arts; bring them classroom studies in numerous subjects to enhance their lives and to inspire them.

Through their free after school program they provide children something positive to do to helpBuffalo them achieve positive goals, achieve higher grades, have happier attitudes in life, and know that the center is where they can come to interact with Positive Role Models. This is something all communities can support especially in Newton County one of those poor areas with almost non-existent after school programs.

Fortunately for you they currently they have a Kickstarter program running through April 20th. It’s goal is to help them raise funds to complete a major renovation, Covering all costs like mortgage, heating, and all expenses including a remodel is a big task for volunteers so any help you can provide will help ensure the theater continues to be thrive with a minimum amount of overhanging debt.

The Kickstarter program can be found at


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